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Help Schmidt DDS Support The Court Street United Methodist Church

This year we’re participating in Smiles For Life! Help us help seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in our community and around the world.

Text Your $10 Donation To Help Us Support Children’s Charities!

Text: smile(space)372  To: 84465 for Dr. Pamela Schmidt


Text: smile(space)373  To: 84465 for Dr. Roger Schmidt

Our Designated Charity Partner Is:
The Court Street United Methodist Church

How Texting Your Donation Works:

  1. You text a $10 donation using the information above.
  2. The donation will be billed to your cell phone through your service provider.
  3. Children’s charities get 100% of the money raised.
  4. Half comes back to our designated charity partner, once we reach $1000. The other half helps worthy children’s charities around the world.

How Your Smile Whitening Donation Works:

  1. Philips Oral Healthcare donates 100% of the tooth whitening supplies.
  2. Our practice donates 100% of our time.
  3. Your smile gets beautifully, professionally whitened.
  4. 100% of your donation goes to the Smiles For Life Foundation to help children’s charities.

What Is Smiles For Life?

Smiles For Life is the charity arm of an organization called the Crown Council. The Crown Council is an alliance of leading-edge dental teams that are passionately committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer and serving their communities through charitable work.

Now through June 30th, hundreds of Crown Council member dental practices throughout the U.S. and Canada are raising donations for seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children in their local communities and around the world. 100% of the donations go to the Smiles For Life Foundation. Since 1998, they’ve raised over $30 million, benefiting hundreds of children’s charities around the world.






2 responses to "Help Schmidt DDS Support The Court Street United Methodist Church"

  • Don Ewaldz says:

    Well, let’s talk about it next visit. 10 bucks doesn’t sound like a lot.

  • SchmidtDDS says:

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the comment Don, and you’re right 10 bucks isn’t alot. But it sure helps in our cause. Smiles for Life is an organization that we have been involved with for a couple of years. This year we are supporting The Court Street Methodist Church, but more specifically we are donating to their Thanksgiving Day Meal. They feed hundreds (actually thousands) of hungry people here in Rockford. I think their count last year was 1700 people. We like that Smiles for Life allows us to help right here in our own community. Fifty percent of your donation goes to our local charity and 50% goes to the Smiles for Life foundation where it is distributed to children’s charites world wide.

    You mentioned discussing this at your next appointment, but this fundraiser is only going on through June. Your next appointment isn’t until Septemeber. If you would like to call our office or stop by we would be happy to discuss a donation with you.

    Again, thanks for your comment.

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