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What We’re Grateful For This Holiday Season

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL OF US here at Dr. Schmidt’s office! A poll taken at our office revealed these results of what we are giving thanks for this year. We wanted to share a little bit about what the holidays mean to each of us:

Christine: Family

Amanda: My healthy puppy

Katina: Family and friends

Dr. Pam: Good health

Terri: Family

Tina: Freedom

Michelle: God’s Mercy

Patti: Good food!

Dr. Roger: Our staff and patients

Marsha: Time with family

Betsy: Opportunities

What are YOU grateful for this year?


4 responses to "What We’re Grateful For This Holiday Season"

  • Margo Clutter says:

    God has faithfully taken are family through this last year with health, jobs, and time together.

  • SchmidtDDS says:

    Thanks Margo….we are all very fortunate and blessed! Hope you had a great day with your family!

  • Diane A Fagen says:

    Although our family gives thanks throughout the year for the many blessings we have received, at Thanksgiving we especially note those who strive to keep us healthy.

    We have been thankful for our carefully-picked healthcare providers, and at the top of the list are Drs. Roger and Pam and their excellent staff. They have stood by our family since the clinic was housed on North Main and Auburn, and the quality of care has always been excellent, with amazing attention to personal comfort and safety.

    We are grateful for their knowledge, their commitment to continuing professional education, and for their dedication to exacting and precise methods to encourage patients’ health. The entire staff (including those in the “background” – groundskeepers and custodial staff) seems willing to devote enormous energy and talent to keep all of their patients not only healthy, but happy as well.

    We are indeed fortunate to have such a clinic in the greater Rockford area.

  • Schmidt DDS says:

    Thank you Diane for your thoughtful words. We appreciate you as a patient and friend of this practice and we look forward to continuing to serve you for many years!

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